“Alison successfully championed our libraries by building a terrific team while navigating years of details. Her strong organizational skills, combined with her positive approach and ability to keep the big picture in mind, helped bring our community together. Alison will be a great addition to the Palo Alto City Council.” - Joe Simitian

Santa Clara County Supervisor


Endorsements (a partial list)
Media Endorsements 
Mercury News
Palo Alto Daily Post
Palo Alto Weekly
Elected Officials
Anna Eshoo, US Congresswoman, District 18
Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Supervisor

Marc Berman, Assemblymember, District 24


Elected Palo Alto Officials

Liz Kniss, Mayor, City Council

Greg Scharff, City Council

Adrian Fine, City Council


Appointed Palo Alto Officials

David Bower, PA Historic Resources Board

Anne Warner Cribbs, Parks and Rec

Jim Migdal, Art Commission


Santa Clara County Democratic Party


Evolve California


Former Elected Palo Alto Officials

John Barton, City Council

Betsy Bechtel, Mayor

Bern Beecham, Mayor

Sid Espinosa, Mayor

Julie Jerome, PAUSD

Larry Klein, Mayor

Mandy Lowell, PAUSD

Gail Price, City Council, PAUSD

Nancy Shepherd, Mayor

Camille Townsend, PAUSD

Lanie Wheeler, Mayor​

Honorary Co-Chairs

Bern Beecham

Megan Swezey Fogarty


PAUSD, Trustee

Jennifer DiBrienza, Trustee

Melissa Baten Caswell, Trustee and

   former Board President

Terry Godfrey, Trustee


Campaign Committee

Lynn Drake

Heike Enders

Gail Foelsch

Liz Jensen

Kris Loew

Lynne Russell

Cari Templeton

Titles shown for identification purposes only.
Community Supporters
Alexandra Acker-Lyons
Ronald Albrecht

Elizabeth Alexis

Melissa Anderson

Carol Bacchetti

George Bechtel

Annie Bedichek

Sonya Bradski

Brian Chancellor

Nana Chancellor

Kriss Deiglmeier

Pavan Desikan

Lynne Dotson

Lynn Drake

Heike Enders

Patrick D. Farris

Boris Foelsch

Gail Foelsch

Megan Swezey Fogarty

Mike Fogarty

Catherine Crystal Foster

Jonathan Foster

Sanjay Foster

Sarah French

Nina Friend

Matt Glickman

Ani Gnanalingam

Terry Godfrey

Brinda Govindan

Firth Griffith

Isha Gupta

Jiyon Hahn

Bob Harrington

Margie Harrington

Laura Hattendorf

Linda Henigin

John Herr

Sandy Hirsh

Christy Holloway

Janis Hom

Nancy Huber

Mary Hughes

Lauren Janov

Liz Jensen

Julie Jerome

AC Johnston

Kyle Kashima

Andy Kau

Judy Kay

Kirsten Keith

John Kelley

Michael Kieschnick

Sheryl Klein

Leigh Klotz

Rick Kniss

Abbie Knopper

Iris Korol

Padmini Krishnan

Maria Kruglikov

Ann Marie Lavigne

Mary Jo Levy

Carol Lin

Kris Loew

Sydney Loew

Hannah Lu

Jonathan Lyons

Julie Lythcott-Haims

Heather Macdonald

Linda MacKenzie

Laurie Mandel

Jane Manning

Pam Markevitch

Stephanie Martinson

Don McDougall

John Melton

Hal Mickelson

Kathy Miller

Fred Mondragon

Tina Mondragon

Courtney Monk

Carol Mullin

Jim Mullin

Mala Nayak

Pandu Nayak

Karen French Neuman

Judy Noice

Tom O'Connor

Dana Phillips

Hele Piekos

Sigrid Pinsky

Nancy Player

Steve Player

Uma Ratnam-Sankar

Diane Rolfe

Dan Russell

Lynne Russell

Daryl Savage

Sam Savage

Ken Schultz

Lauren Segal

Helen Shanks

Steven Shevick

Maggi Smeal

Alice Smith

Jeny Smith

Roger Smith

Barbara Spreng

Ellen Springer

Julie Sternfield

John Sternfield

Jim Stinger

Valerie Stinger

Sergio Stone

Bruce Swenson

Cari Templeton

Mary Beth Train

Craig Thom

Susie Thom

Mary Alice Thornton

Ben Threlkeld

Veronica Tincher

Kathy Torgersen

Carolyn Tucher

Tony Tucher

Samir Tuma

Susan Usman

Vicki Veenker

Jeff Vetter

Kristina Vetter

Sharon Viggiano

Olenka Villarreal

Anjali Vishwanath

Gregory Wait

Diana Walsh

Holly Ward

Scott Ward

Greg Watson

Hazel Watson

Jackie Wheeler

Bob Wenzlau

Geri Martin Wilson

Bryan Wilson

Melody Wu


"Alison would bring a fresh perspective to the Council. She saw a problem with our libraries and spearheaded a program for improvement. For the much-improved libraries we now have, I want to thank Alison. She is not a single-issue candidate. She will listen before making up her mind."

—Mandy Lowell

"Alison will be a thoughtful independent council member with good judgement. I trust that she will vote with the best interests of all the community in mind."

—Jackie Wheeler

"Thoughtful, analytical, organized, articulate, intelligent, will dig in and understand the issues before taking a position, and not knee-jerk anything."

—Alice Smith

"Alison will fairly represent all of the people of Palo Alto."

— Steven Shevick

"Alison is well prepared for this role and will bring a fresh and independent perspective to the PA City Council.."

— Lynne Dotson