Alison Cormack is Endorsed by Mercury News

The Mercury New says Alison Cormack as the one of the best choices for City Council.

Votes should focus on candidates who can reduce City's pension shortfall — and Alison Cormack is that choice.

Alison Cormack is Endorsed by Palo Alto Weekly

Editorial: Cormack for City Council

The Palo Alto Weekly endorses Alison Cormack for Palo Alto City Council. 

Get to Know Alison Cormack

Palo Alto Weekly's Profile of Alison

As part of Palo Alto Weekly's coverage of the City Council campaign, Alison shared her story and what she hopes to bring to Palo Alto City Council. 

Renter Protections and City Finances

Palo Alto: Renter protections, city finances hot topics in council race

Kevin Kelly reports on the Palo Alto City Council race where three incumbents face two challengers for three open seats as council shrinks to seven members.

Behind the Headlines: Meet Alison Cormack

Jocelyn Dong sits down to learn more about Alison

Palo Alto City Council candidate Alison Cormack got her first taste of Palo Alto politics by leading the 2008 library bond campaign, which voters passed. In this interview, she talks about her career in high tech, her perspective as the only woman running for a seat on the council and her experience as a caregiver for family members. Video by Palo Alto Online.

Alison Cormack Recieves Top Endorsement from Palo Alto Daily Post

"It’s not often that a great city council candidate comes along like Alison Cormack."

From the Palo Alto Daily Post: "Cormack is sharp, competent and well versed in city issues. She has assiduously avoided joining either faction that has divided council. That puts her in a good place to deliver on one of her goals, getting the council and residents to work together."

Stanford Daily: Candidates vie for three spots on City Council

Alison Cormack is featured as she runs for Palo Alto City Council this November.

Alum Alison Cormack is featured in Stanford Daily as she runs for Palo Alto City Council this November. She's the only challenger against three incumbents — and the only woman running. As the article states: Cormack’s platform revolves around three central themes: financing large projects, such as train crossings, traffic, and affordable housing; spending carefully; and building a stronger communication line between residents and local representatives.

The Daily Post announces Alison Cormack for Palo Alto City Council, highlighting her work on the Palo Alto Libraries and her contributions as a community volunteer.


Palo Alto Weekly

Alison Cormack joins City Council race

A decade after Alison Cormack spearheaded Palo Alto's push to rebuild its library system, the Midtown resident preparing for another citywide campaign -- this time, for a seat on the City Council.​


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