Let’s make Palo Alto an even better place to live, play, learn, and work.
What I stand for:
  • Fairness. To neighborhoods, and to each other.

  • Sustainability. For ourselves, and for this place we all share.

  • Collaboration. With important partners like schools and Stanford and neighbor cities, and with each other.

My Priorities
Manage and mitigate the increasing traffic. 

Our suburban environment was designed for cars and many of us live far from work, schools, stores, and services.  The time has come to investigate how a robust bus system could benefit everyone in our community.

Create a wider variety of housing for people at all stages of their lives.

This includes housing for seniors as our population ages and housing that is affordable by design.  

Focus on our finances.

Paying for these big projects and our future pension responsibilities will be a challenge and must be done thoughtfully.

Change how we communicate.

The old ways of sending postcards and expecting people to attend poorly described, formal meetings are not working.  The city needs to reorganize information so that it is more visual and designed for the people who live here.

Get our big projects on track.

Major infrastructure projects like the police station, train crossings, Cubberley Community Center, the bike bridge and how to protect ourselves from rising sea levels are taking too long or aren’t getting enough attention. 

What Matters To You?

I'd love to hear the issues important to you. Please let me know what's on your mind and how you'd like to improve Palo Alto. Please email